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Understanding Methods of Sale

Understanding Methods of Sale



There are several methods of selling property in New Zealand. It is important that you understand the process for the type of property you are selling.


Advertised price, deadline sale and by negotiation are the most common methods of selling property in New Zealand. Offers for these sale methods will be written on the standard sale and purchase agreement.


Your agent may also talk to you about selling by auction or tender. There are special sale and purchase agreements for selling by auction or tender.


In all methods, apart from during an auction, buyers can make either conditional or unconditional offers on a sale and purchase agreement. You and the buyer can then negotiate through the agent.


In an auction, the buyer who places the highest bid above your reserve price wins the auction and must complete the sale.


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This page provides general information only and should not be relied on. You should always get advice from your own lawyer or talk to our team at Southland Real Estate directly.