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How Does SRE Price A Property?

How Does SRE Price A Property?

With the housing market constantly changing, it’s not unusual for people to feel curious about what their property could be worth. Whether you’re selling or just want to get an idea of the dollar figure, you might be wondering how agents get to the price point they do. At Southland Real Estate, we rely upon a number of indicators in particular - our market knowledge, recent sales in the vicinity, and relevant comparable properties outside of the area. The REINZ real-time sales data we have available to us provides further insight into how the market is performing right now.

Being a very active agency provides us with a unique perspective of the market landscape. As property cycles naturally change, we will continually keep our finger on the pulse to decipher what’s really happing versus uninformed rhetoric. We expect the market to flex and change so no surprises here. A key part of our role is to keep up with change, and to keep people up to date so they can make informed decisions.

Back to answering the question at hand. Before we do anything, we fact-find to provide sellers with a Current Market Appraisal (CMA). The CMA provides our subjective yet informed view of a price range you could expect to exchange ownership within. At SRE we take the further step to allow our full sales team to view the property with the express purpose to capture collective feedback. The benefit we expect from consultative approach is to validate where the listing agent has guided their client on selling price.

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