Below are a four calculators to help you with making decisions.

Mortgage Calculator

The Mortgage Payment Calculator calculates the weekly, fortnightly and monthly payments required to repay the loan amount at the interest rate and loan term specified. The Mortgage Payment Calculator can calculate both Principle and Interest and interest only repayment types. Load Mortgage Calculator »

Cash Flow Calculator

Cash Flow measures a propertys performance. Positive cash flow indicates that the property running at a gain. Negative cash flow indicates that the property is running at a loss. This calculator is valid for interest only loans. Load Cash Flow Calculator »

Return on Investment Calculator

Return On Investment is the ratio of money gained or lost relative to the amount of money invested, expressed as a percentage. e.g. a ROI of 200% would indicate that the return is twice that of the investment cost. Load ROI Calculator »

Rental Yield Calculator

Rental Yield is a representation of the total rental income received as a percentage of the initial purchase price. Load Rental Yield Calculator »